Sovereign China equips its clients with the local knowledge they need to understand their market opportunities in China. It provides actionable go-to-market strategies that allow them to penetrate further than just their global-tier customers.

Foreign investors often mistakenly believe that economic development is symmetrical and emerging markets are following a well-worn path that developed nations have already charted. Meanwhile, local competitors exploit their deep understanding of the domestic market to build businesses that outperform their global competitors. Developing and maintaining an understanding of your market is essential to both successful market launches and growth initiatives in China.

Our team has first-class consulting experience gained at top international consulting firms, coupled with extensive local market knowledge and business networks. This enables us to help clients grasp the complexities and nuances of China’s many markets. Each project is customised to your specific needs and objectives – there are no pre-packaged solutions – to help you develop optimal strategies for your entry and growth in the China market.

Key consulting services include:

  • Market research and intelligence
  • Market assessment
  • Regulatory environment analysis
  • Partner Search / Matchmaking / Due Diligence
  • Entry strategy consulting
  • Competitive intelligence and analysis
  • Location analysis
  • Market research and analysis
  • Management consultancy
  • Consumer / Customer Surveys

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