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  • Expertise gained over 50 years in fund management, banking, insurance, corporate, trust and wealth management services
  • 0% corporation tax; 20% income tax on Guernsey-sourced income only; no tax on non-Guernsey-sourced income; no capital gains tax; no inheritance tax
  • Excellent network of double tax treaties
  • Skilled professionals and internationally-minded workforce
  • “Safe” jurisdiction in terms of banking and custody of funds and asset holding
  • Robust but pragmatic regulation with an entrepreneurial approach to business
  • Fast and simple online incorporation process
  • Listings are available via the Channel Islands Securities Exchange
  • Growing understanding of and business relationships with emerging markets.

What Can Guernsey Offer Chinese HNWIs



The Time Zone is GMT.


Licensed under a Full Fiduciary Licence by the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.

Guernsey Pensions

Pension plans are an important component of all wealth planning. Sovereign offer a range of retirement savings solutions and pension plans

Foundation Services

The introduction of the Guernsey Foundations Law has provided clients with a foundation solution to use alongside, or instead of, a trust

Funds Services

Guernsey has over 50 years’ experience of servicing global cross-border fund structures

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