Sovereign provides support for the forming, administering and management of companies in Guernsey and elsewhere. Guernsey is at the forefront of pioneering company legislation, combining the advantages of legislation written for the commercial environment with the latest online registry technology.

Guernsey entities can be used for all types of business including asset protection, estate and succession planning, trading companies, family office, funds, local and international property holding and insurance.

Sovereign also provides the administrative support to maximise opportunities and achieve long-term sustainability. These services range from full back-office solutions to assistance with compliance in respect of regulatory, tax and economic substance rules.

If you are looking to structure your personal or family interests in Guernsey, please refer to our Private Clients section.

If you are looking for retirement benefits solutions in Guernsey, please refer to our Retirement Planning section.

Company Formation and Management

Guernsey is a popular jurisdiction to set up a business. Guernsey companies are used for a wide range of transactions, including investment funds, private equity, structured finance and securitisations. Guernsey companies can only be incorporated by a Corporate Service Provider (CSP), such as Sovereign Trust (Channel Islands) Limited, which holds a full fiduciary licence from the GFSC. All companies must have:

  • A registered office address in Guernsey
  • At least one director
  • A resident agent who is either a Guernsey-resident director of the company or a CSP.

Companies also require a Memorandum of Incorporation, which states that the founding member(s) wish to incorporate the company in Guernsey, and Articles of Incorporation, which set out regulations for the conduct of the company.

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