Hong Kong Immigration

From immigrations services such as visa services to helping to find the perfect school, Sovereign facilitates our clients and their families in their move to Hong Kong.

Information for Short Term Visitors

Hong Kong follows a liberal immigration policy, allowing for visitors from over 160 countries to enter Hong Kong without a visa. The numeration of days per stay ranges 7 to 180 days dependent on country of origin of the visitor. Throughout their stay, visitors are free to conduct certain kinds of business, such as conducting negotiations and signing contracts.

Employment Visa Scheme

The Employment Visa is available for qualified professionals who will be employed by a Hong Kong company and residing in Hong Kong. Foreign passport holders who have graduated from a local or international university, or who possess a particular skill or experience not readily available in Hong Kong are encouraged to apply.

An employee’s first visa typically lasts one year, and can be renewed. Typically subsequent visas are valid for two years. After a continuous period of seven years living in Hong Kong, an employment visa holder can apply for permanent residence.

Investment Visas

Investment Visas are a form of Employment Visa that are intended to be used by foreign passport holders who plan to move to Hong Kong to establish their own business. Entrepreneurs are able to stay in Hong Kong on the employment status of their own company.

Similar to Employment Visas, Investment Visas require that the employee has graduated from a local or international university, or possess a particular skill or experience not readily available in Hong Kong. The first visa is valid for one year and is tied to your company’s employment status. Subsequent visas typically are valid for two years with the option for permanent residence after seven sequential years working and living in good legal standing in Hong Kong.

Visas for Dependents

Applicants for work and investment visas can sponsor dependent visas for direct members of their family. Dependent Visas are tied to the sponsor visa, meaning that all parties’ visas are contingent on the employment status of the sponsor. To elaborate, the length of stay and possibility of visa renewal is tied to the sponsor’s visa.  All dependents must file an individual application and is subject to individual approval.

A permanent resident or a resident who is not subject to a limited stay is capable of sponsoring a spouse, unmarried children under 18 years of age, and parents above 60 years of age. A sponsor who is on a visa is only capable of sponsoring their spouse and unmarried children under the age of 18.

To successfully file for a Dependent Visa, one must prove the relationship between the applicant and the sponsor. Dependents should be in need of support, and sponsors should have the capacity to support these dependents financially and provide suitable housing.  Children must be of natural relation to the sponsor or legally adopted. All dependents must not have a criminal record or any sort of negative record that would affect their visa application.

Once approved, dependents are able to legally work under their Dependent Visas if they meet the Hong Kong labor law requirements.

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