The most frequently used types of business vehicle for foreign companies wishing to carry on business in Hong Kong are:

  • Hong Kong-incorporated Subsidiary Company
  • Branch Office of a Foreign Company
  • Representative Office

Every business in Hong Kong is required under the Hong Kong Business Registration Ordinance to obtain a Business Registration Certificate within one month of commencing business for its principal office address and also for any other business address in Hong Kong.

This serves to notify the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department of the establishment of a business in Hong Kong that may be subject to the payment of profits tax. If a company carries on a business using one or more business or trade names, a Business Registration Certificate is required for each such name.

The business activities that can be carried on in Hong Kong are not dependent upon whether the company is locally incorporated or whether it is a branch of a foreign company. The tax rate applied to profits is the same for local and foreign companies.

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