Preferential Global Healthcare Insurance from Sovereign Insurance Services

Sovereign Insurance Services, the insurance broking division of Sovereign, is delighted to announce that it has entered into a unique arrangement with international health insurance provider Now Health International to offer a comprehensive range of private health insurance plans at a price and terms unavailable elsewhere.

Global private healthcare insurance provides peace of mind at the time you need it most. For internationally mobile people healthcare insurance is regarded as essential and in many countries it is a requirement for expatriates under local residency rules. Such plans provide you with easy access to a range of medical facilities and consultants, help you to avoid waiting lists, and ensure that you enjoy the same quality of healthcare no matter where you live.

Our products are available to anyone who needs health cover or who wishes to transfer from their existing policy. Whatever level of cover you need, we will ensure you have as a minimum:

  • Medical inpatient treatments and medical evacuation on all plans as standard
  • Coverage to meet residency application requirements
  • Added value services, including a second medical opinion service, crisis management support and global concierge for overseas treatment
  • A simple and quick claims process – claims turnaround within 5 working days
  • Secure Online Portal – To enable members to view and download plan documents, see a summary of how much of their benefits have been used to date, submit claims and pre-authorisations online, track claims in real time and even introduce their favourite medical provider.
  • Smartphone App – To enable members to find the nearest doctor or specialist from within the provider network, make and book appointments, and submit claims. Available for both iPhone and Android users.
  • No Claims Discount at renewal, for those lucky enough not to have needed to make a claim
  • Family friendly pricing

In addition to arranging bespoke policies for individuals and families, Sovereign Insurance Services can also assist individual transfers on special terms for those who are currently privately insured or who are currently part of a group scheme and are leaving either to join a company that doesn’t provide a health insurance plan, or to retire.

For further information and for a free consultation, please contact Sofia Agripino or Linda Connett by filling the form below or by telephone: +350 200 52908.

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