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  1. European News
    • UK announces Offshore Disclosure initiatives
    • Norwegian billionaires to leave over wealth tax
    • Jersey brings new Foundations Law into force
  2. USA & Caribbean News
    • UK imposes direct rule over Turks and Caicos
    • Switzerland and US reach agreement over UBS
    • BVI opens new specialised Commercial Court
  3. Far East News
    • Hong Kong reviews Trustee Ordinance
    • Mauritius GBC2s to file annual financial summaries
    • UAE scraps minimum capital requirement
  4. Legal News
    • 300 UK banks to disclose offshore account information
    • ECJ finds Belgian treatment of foreign dividends compatible
    • HK rules on transfer pricing
  5. Fiscal News
    • Gibraltar proposes 10% corporate tax rate
    • San Marino to hold census
    • Isle of Man to move to automatic EU exchange of information
  6. Special Report
    • G-20 leaders agree to maintain pressure on tax havens
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