Employees under the Employment Ordinance are further divided between employees under contract and employees under a continuous employment contract. Employees under an employment contract are entitled to basic protection under the Ordinance including payment of wages, restrictions on wage deductions, the granting of statutory holiday, and other conditions.

An employee under a continuous employment contract is defined by an employee working for the same employer 18 hours a week for a span of 4 weeks or more. This period of time entitles an employee on a continuous contract all the statutory benefits under the Employment Ordinance. These benefits include rest days, paid annual leave, sick allowance, severance pay and long service pay.

Employers are required to ensure that an employee’s contract meets the minimum requirements of the Employment Ordinance. Employment contracts may be oral or written, and can include both explicit and implied terms and conditions. If a contract is written, an employer must provide employees with a copy. Furthermore, employers must consult and receive permission from an employee before making alterations or additions to the contract.