Company Formation and Management Services


The Sovereign Group can incorporate companies in most jurisdictions, both offshore and onshore.

After incorporation, a company will be required to maintain a minimum presence in the jurisdiction of incorporation. A legal registered office will always be a necessity and all companies also require a resident company secretary and/or a resident agent. We generally provide these services for all our clients and describe them as “domiciliary services”. For reasons explained in the Frequently Asked Questions section, we also provide directors for many of the companies that we incorporate in order to ensure that its affairs are properly managed and controlled from offshore. Sovereign is licensed as a corporate service provider in a variety of jurisdictions and our services in this area are described in greater detail here.

International Tax Planning

It is relatively straight forward to set up or purchase a company but it is vital to get proper advice on how to structure the ownership of that company, how it should be administered and how to organise its commercial arrangements. The company itself can be viewed as a commodity; the necessary advice – how to use it and how to ensure that it is structured correctly – most certainly is not.

Every case is different and a high level of expertise is required to ensure that the advice is up-to-date, effective and fully compliant. Failure to structure and manage the company correctly could mean that intended tax savings are not realised and, in some cases, could result in a net increase in the tax payable.

Once we have understood your personal and business requirements, Sovereign is in a unique position, through its global network of offices, to recommend a suitable structure and solution which will meet those needs and may result in significant tax savings.

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Middle East Focus – September 2019

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