Limited Liability Company (Sàrl/GmbH)

The Sàrl/GmbH is a combination of a limited company and a joint partnership, which lends itself to family businesses or small and medium-sized enterprises. The establishment of a Sàrl/GmbH requires:

  • A minimum capital of CHF20,000, which must be fully paid up in cash or covered by contributions in kind at the time of incorporation.
  • A company name can be chosen freely but Sàrl/GmbH must be added to the name.
  • A minimum of one shareholder, which can be a natural person or a legal entity or trading company
  • At least one person responsible for management must be a Swiss resident and must be appointed for representation. This person must have access to the register of shareholders and beneficial owners.
  • The articles of association must include, at a minimum, the company name, corporate purpose, head office, share capital and sum paid up by each shareholder.
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