The SA/AG offers businesses many benefits in terms of liability and regulation of capital. Only the corporate assets are liable in a limited company. The establishment of a SA/AG requires:

  • At least one shareholder, who may be a natural person or a legal person, or another trading company.
  • A minimum capital requirement (share capital) of at least CHF100,000, which must be at least 20% paid-up (but at a minimum of CHF50,000) in cash or covered by contributions in kind at the time of incorporation.
  • The Articles of association must state the company’s name, head office, purpose, amount of share capital and amount paid-up, number and nominal value of shares, voting rights, general meeting, members of the board of directors, statutory auditor, and the form of publication of results.
  • At least one person responsible for management must be a Swiss resident and must be appointed for representation. This person must have access to the register of shareholders and beneficial owners.
  • A limited company must have an external statutory auditor which must submit a report to the board of directors each year relating to the management of the company.
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