Residency and Citizenship Services

In a world of increasingly closed economic borders, political uncertainty and restrictions on travel and the movement of assets, many individuals, families and businesses have developed a genuine need for liberating, flexible solutions.

Residency and Citizenship (RC) planning provides a broad spectrum of lifestyle, business, investment and tax benefits for an ever-increasing number of global citizens. Importantly, it also provides a solid foundation upon which families can build robust and flexible wealth management strategies.

Existing businesses and start-ups can also gain significant benefits, with access to new markets, consumers, tax incentives and, in some instances, government support. If planned and implemented correctly, establishing a business in a new country will also provide residency rights to company founders and co-founders, their immediate family members and, in some locations, their core employees.
The key driver for our clients is to provide themselves, their family and future generations with enhanced security, opportunities and benefits, which can include but are not limited to:

  • An alternative residency option or ‘Plan B’
  • Emigration
  •  Remote or ‘nomadic’ working
  • Increased mobility and freedom of movement
  •  Access to first class education and healthcare
  • Business establishment and/or expansion
  • Tax efficiency, wealth management and/or diversification of assets

Many consider it to be the most important planning decision they have made.

The Sovereign Group provides all-encompassing RC planning services across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. Our extensive network of offices, our corporate services and private client offering, our experienced local teams and professional service partners ensure that we are best placed to assist clients with the identification, development and implementation of the most suitable overall RC strategy for their needs.

We look forward to assisting and working with you in the near future.

Ceri Pratley

Head of Residency and Citizenship Services

Sovereign ESG

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Residency and Citizenship Planning Highlight

Malta Residency Programmes

Continuing our series of less well-known European residency programmes, this month we’ll be exploring the options available in Malta.

The primary reason Malta residency programmes are not often considered or discussed with potential applicants is that, unlike other European programmes, only firms licensed by the Maltese government are permitted to prepare and submit applications.

Residency Malta Agency (RMA) is the government entity responsible for creating and managing Malta’s residency programmes. The RMA offers three excellent programmes, each providing numerous benefits to those who wish to make Malta their primary or second home.

The RMA’s team liaises with its licensed agents, to ensure the fastest and smoothest possible processing of applications. Sovereign Services Limited (SSL) is a licensed agent (AKM-SOVE) and is therefore well placed to advise, assist and support applicants throughout the application process.

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